BluStar Market Timer

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What We Trade

We trade three different bull/bear combo 3X/1.5 ETF's:


SPXL and SPXS trade the S&P 500 long and short at a 3X multiple to the market. E.g., the S&P 500 moves up 1% and you own SPXL, you are up 3% or the S&P 500 moves down 1% and you own SPXS, you are up 3%.  Vice versa if the market moves against you.

NUGT and DUST trade the GDX mining share ETF at the same multiple of 3X either up (NUGT) or down (DUST).

SVXY and UVXY trade the volatility ETF's at 1.5X times the VIX.

For option players, we signal trade the SPY and GDX calls and puts.

Option players may request a special e-invoice for $600 per quarter.

Auto trading is $1000 per quarter and includes all trading signals including options. Ask us for a special e-invoice.

For high net individuals, we personally trade your account with a limited trading authorization for $1000 a month plus 15% of profits paid monthly. By contract only.

We have limited openings for auto trading and personal trading.

We mainly trade the S&P 500 and SPY options.  Volatility and GDX3 is traded less often.

Our model portfolio divides the risk between SPX3 (25%), GDX3 (25%) VOL! (25%) and Options (25%) with Options traded at a maximum of 5% of total portfolio for each trade.