BluStar Market Timer

Solving the Puzzle of Cycles and Waves

All of our subscribers receive 2- 3 updates a day by e-mail, sometimes more in fast markets. The first one is called "Morning Coffee" and the "End of the Day" is called EOD.  Subscribers also receive a "Mid Day" update if it is believed to be timely.

Since everyone trades differently, subscribers may get an an e-mail that says "aggressive traders" may wish to go long or short (as the case may be). It is up to that trader to set stops and manage their own money properly. Same with conservative traders.

Ongoing commentaries are sent out by e-mail revealing what Brad is thinking and what the trend is believed to be: short term, intermediate term and longer term. For example: GDX may be moving in an up trend longer term, but intermediate term is pulling back in a counter trend pull back. Each trader must choose his or her own time frame and risk level accordingly.

We do not  day trade . Our methods work best in Swing (1-3 TD's +/-) or Trend trading mode.

Brad has averaged about 8-12% (10% +/-) a month trading the SPX3 combo in his own account (SPXL/SPXS) and 5-25% (15% +/-) a month trading GDX3 (NUGT/DUST) since early 2015. Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance.

Over trading can sometimes result in more losses than gains.  Sometimes it is better to be in cash or at least proportionally in cash, especially when the trend is not so clear. 

Market Timers are not perfect.  They analyze the past in order to try to predict the future.  News and world events sometimes skew  wave/cycle analysis expectations, especially in the very shorter term.  Keep this in mind when trading, but overall expect to win more trades than you lose with our service. Still, there will be losing trades.  Cutting losses is as important as taking gains.

Brad sends out periodic charts explaining what he thinks is going on.  These often have to be amended as time progresses.  Be prepared to change with the markets. "Trade the market, not the forecast"