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Cycles and Waves

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Three (3) Subscription Offers 

We Have Three (3) Subscription Offers:

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Minimum 3 E-Mails Daily: Morning Coffee near market open, Mid Day Report and End of Day (EOD near close

We comment on Short, Intermediate and Long Term conditions of market regarding the S&P 500 (and related indexes) and GDX (and Gold/Silver).  We do not give advice or any buy or sell signals, only our opinion as to what we think the markets are doing. We look at cycles, technical aspects, Elliott Wave structure, Gann Theory and sentiment.

BluStar Insights Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter looks at the macro picture and developments in the: stock market, precious metals market, mining share market, oil, interest rates, real estate, socio-economic and socio-political movements, major business cycle shifts, trends etc. We discuss the fundamentals reasons of why our technical analysis tells us what it does and how it may affect society as a whole going into the future.

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When you subscribe to both our daily and weekly insights, you save 25% and more off the entire subscription cost!