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BluStar Market Insights' Editor, Brad Gudgeon, has over 35 years experience in trading the market indexes, precious metals and mining shares. He is a stock market and gold market technical professional as well as a former NASD Series 7 Broker.

He has mathematically extrapolated in advance: The Crash of 1987, the Mini Crash of 1989, the bear market of 1990 caused by the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, the great bull run of 1995-2000, the bear market of 2000-2002, and the bear market of 2007-09. 

He called the great advance in the mining shares and gold/silver starting Oct 2000 and the subsequent crash in 2008, the peak in 2011 and the bottom in 2015/16. He was Timer Trac's Top Stock Market Timer of the Year in 2015.

In 2018, he warned of another major bear in the stock market by 2020. 


"We had been warning people on blogs and social media since Dec/Feb 2019/20 about the Feb-Mar 2020 bear market! The e-wave structure, technical condition, cycles, FED action and sentiment were all pointing to an eventual top and a dramatic Elliott C (or Z) Wave drop."

"The corona virus was just the trigger, but the market condition was ripe for a drop anyway, as market traders had become increasingly complacent. 

Whenever too many traders become this lopsided on the trade (in this case, the long side), history has proven it moves violently the other way." This time was no different.

We are warning people that another important top is dead ahead, in a matter of weeks! To be forewarned is to be forearmed! Nov 24, 2020.