BluStar Market Timer

Solving the Puzzle of Cycles and Waves

Brad Gudgeon
I have followed Bradley and his Blustar Market Timer service for more than 4 years. 

His blend of astrology with technical analysis combined with his adaptability to, and recognition of, modern day algorithms that create chart patterns, has come to a level, where, he has predicted almost every important market move in the S&P 500. 

I consider it indispensable to my everyday practice. 

A Gem !

YC , CFO and Investment Manager, Family Office, London, UK

BluStar Market Timer's Editor, Brad Gudgeon, has over 35 years experience in trading the market indexes, precious metals and mining shares. He is a stock market timing and gold market timing professional.

He has predicted in advance: The Crash of 1987, the Mini Crash of 1989, the bear market of 1990 caused by the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, the great bull run of 1995-2000, the bear market of 2000-2002, and the bear market of 2007-09. 

He predicted the great advance in the mining shares and gold/silver starting Oct 2000 and the subsequent crash in 2008, the peak in 2011 and the bottom in 2015/16. He was Timer Trac's Top Stock Market Timer of the Year in 2015.

He is calling for another major bear market in the stock market by late 2020 or early 2021 as well as an important bottom in precious metals in mid 2020.  


BluStar Market Timer also sees a stock market crash just ahead as we get into 2020/21. 

Not any one astro aspect equals another, but history does rhyme!

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