BluStar Market Timer

World Class Market Timer


(inverse to the stock market: e.g., UVXY tends to go up

when the stock market goes down and volatility increases, and visa versa)

BluStar SPX3 good for those who wish to
 trade the S&P 500 with 300% leverage

BluStar GDX3 is highly volatile and good for those who wish
 to increase their risk level
trading the gold mining index GDX

BluStar VOL! is good for those who wish to take advantage of Stock Market volatility or the lack thereof, signal trades less often,
 but like GDX3 can yield high returns when the timing is right

BluStar Options trades puts and calls on the SPY (S&P500 ETF) and GDX (Gold Mining ETF), for those who wish to up their risk level
with a smaller amount of money

All current subs have access to training seminars via weekly online webinars that deal with such topics as: money management, risk, diversification, learning to take losses quickly when the trade is wrong and more.

 SMS text messaging available only on certain packages

Market timers can and do make mistakes. Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. We chart the SPX and SPY, Market Volatility as well as the GDX and GLD, and the subscriber must transpose the information to fit their vehicle of choice if different than what we trade.  Re-subscription is not automatic.  Subscriber must re-up when subscription period ends.  A friendly reminder will be sent by e-mail when the subscription is about to end.